Integrity Downloader

Integrity Downloader

Integrity Downloader is a versatile Internet-based file downloader program which emphasizes security aspects. With this program you can query important information about the file before downloading it. The process of file download can be followed visually as well. After downloading the file, it automatically creates the checksum for the given file, which enables file integrity checking.
Integrity Downloader was necessary because starting from version 57 of Firefox many plugins could no longer operate due to compatibility issues.
Previously Firefox was fully capable of this task with the help of the following plugins:
Download Status Bar
Download Manager (S3)
Link Properties Plus
Integrity Downloader combines the functions of the three plugins in a single program and adds additional functions in a way which makes it compatible with all of the browsers running under Windows in addition to Firefox.

Advantages of Integrity Downloader:
Important information can be obtained about the file without downloading it
The process of file download can be followed visually as well
Sound signal when the download is completed
Automatic creation of checksum
Creation of a standard checksum file
VirusTotal connection through checksum
All download data of a session summed up in a list complemented with additional options
Compatible with all of the browsers running under Windows. The connection between the browser and Integrity Downloader is realized through the clipboard
Supports command-line operation
Supports multiple download
It supports Windows 7/8/10 operating systems
Free to use
Doesn’t require installation (portable)

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