FinalCrypt 6.0.1



FinalCrypt uses symmetric One Time Pad Encryption which is known as the most unbreakable encryption in existence. FinalCrypt's large true random "One Time Pad" (FIPS140-2 & RFC4086 compliant) Keys are mathematically unbreakable. The Shor's algorithm has proven that all asymmetric encryption will instantly be broken by Quantum Computers (or simulators).

Full Disk Encryption doesn't offer much security either, since a virus, spying or indexing software can read all your files in an unlocked drive. FinalCrypt is the only One Time Pad, Bulk File Encryption Software, that is freely available to the public.

Do More
Let the new graphical user (guidance) interface guide you with ease or use the command line interface to fully automate encryption for large datasets (command-line manpage).
Encrypt up to 4 billion files in one go supporting unlimited file sizes. No need to encrypt files one by one. Select all the files and directories and encrypt or decrypt.

Personal Strength
FinalCrypt has no restriction in key size creating (GiB/TiB) keys large enough to encircle the earth several times in comparison to traditional encryption keys (only 32 bytes) or passwords. Also FinalCrypt keys have no fixed location and can' t be recognized as keys to prevent detection by key harvesting software.
An optional password enforces double encryption so a lost / stolen key-file can't unlock your data without your password.

Keeping your personal data private is an increasingly difficult task in this online world. Get free support for FinalCrypt.

Global Use
FinalCrypt Worldwide
250,000+ downloads
Used in 100 countries

FinalCrypt is OpenSource and Non-Profit software. Privacy is a human right and should be freely available. Licensed under: Creative Commons Public License (CC BY-NC-ND 4.0)


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