3 Best Free Microsoft Word Alternatives

Free Microsoft Word

3 Best Free Microsoft Word Alternative Applications

Everyone needs a great word processing application, and Microsoft Word is one of the best thanks to the support of its extensive format, integration with other Office applications and a large number of high-quality templates.

But Microsoft Word isn't cheap, even with the Microsoft Office 365 subscription model, which requires year-round fees. Fortunately, free word processing applications have grown rapidly in recent years, and there are some great alternatives for Microsoft Word that don't cost a penny.

Here we are already gathering a full-featured word processing application with support for templates, advanced formatting, and compatibility with Microsoft file formats. You can switch to one of these applications today and start working immediately.

WPS Office Free word processing component, Writer has a slick design that is very similar to the current version of Microsoft Word. If you like to use Office or newer, you won't have much trouble starting to use Writer.

There are browsing with tabs for many documents, and WPS Office Writer can open almost all text document formats that you can use. WPS Office has its own file format (WPS), but the new document by default uses the Microsoft DOCX format for the convenience of Word users.

WPS Writer includes built-in cloud support with 1GB of free storage for backup and synchronization. There is also a free mobile application for Android and iOS that is fully compatible with the Microsoft file format, and allows you to edit and synchronize documents while on the go.

LibreOffice will take a little longer if you are only used to the newer versions of Microsoft Office, but the menus and icons are simple and intuitive.

LibreOffice Writer is fully compatible with Microsoft Word documents (including DOC and DOCX) and other general text file formats, so you won't have trouble sharing files with friends or colleagues using different applications, or opening your old files.

Writer also seamlessly integrates with other tools in the LibreOffice package, so you can easily import spreadsheets from Calc, or graphics from Charts - just like you can do in Word.

What distinguishes LibreOffice Writer from other free Microsoft Word alternatives is its vibrant community of users and developers, who have created hundreds of free plugins and templates for you to download and use. LibreOffice itself receives regular updates, adding features and security that help offset Microsoft Word.

The SoftMaker FreeOffice TextMaker display is a bit messy than most other free Microsoft Word alternatives, but not on tools and settings. Some features are stored in the sub-menu, but you can customize the toolbar by adding, removing and rearranging icons.

All the important things in SoftMaker FreeOffice, and FreeOffice TextMaker make it very easy to create interactive documents with fields and bookmarks, which you can then save as PDF. There are not many choices of templates, but the template collection looks good and will meet most of your needs.

The disadvantage of TextMaker is its inability to save your work in the Microsoft DOCX format. This is embarrassing, because the DOCX format has several advantages over DOC, including a more consistent appearance in different word processing programs and superior file compression.

You can still open files in DOCX format using FreeOffice TextMaker, but if your friends and family use Word, you might prefer one of the alternatives listed above.


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