Win10 Spy Disabler 1.5

Win10 Spy Disabler

Win10 Spy Disabler is a simple Windows OS software useful that helps you to disable Windows services and programs used to track your activity and to collect data about your usage, disable telemetry and data collection. It seems that Windows 10 may spy on nearly everything you do, according to Microsoft privacy statement. We have developed this tool so you can easily disable all services, programs and system settings known to collect data and telemetry. Before apply changes, the application asks you to create a system restore point. When all changes have been applied, you should reboot the PC. This program should be used only on Windows 7, 8 and Windows 10 (32\64-bit).

Program Key Features

Ask to Create a Restore Point Before Apply Changes
Disable Spying Services (DiagTrack, Wecsvc, Dmwappushservice)
Disable Spying Scheduled Tasks (Application Experience, CEIP)
Disable Telemetry & Data Collection (AutoLogger, DataCollection, etc)
Remove Default Built-in Windows 10 Apps (Bing, Money, Calendar, Mail, etc)
Show Hidden and System Files, Show File Extenstions
Uninstall OneDrive Completely (OneDriveSetup.exe /uninstall)
Disable Recent Files and Folders History Completely
Ask a Confirmation on File and Folder Deletion
Optimize NTFS Partition Settings (Disable 8dot3Name, LastAccessUpdate)
Disable Office 2016 Telemetry (AllowTelemetry) and Logging
Block Microsoft Telemetry Hosts (Using "\etc\hosts" File)
Disable Xbox Services (XblAuthManager, XblGameSave, XboxNetApiSvc)
Ask to Reboot the PC when Changes Have Been Applied
Optimize Important Windows 10 Privacy Settings
Works on Windows 7, 8, 10 (32\64-bit)

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