What is Domain ?

What is Domain ?

What is Domain ?

Domain or Domain Name is a name given to identify a server on the internet. With the existence of a domain, users on the internet will be increasingly easier in roaming to servers both belonging to individuals and government institutions. So we no longer remember the row of numbers that is commonly called ip to access a server. Because in general, humans tend to be difficult to remember numbers compared to names.

Domain names are sometimes referred to as Url or website address. For example in this case, Software182 has a domain with the domain name software182.com

In the domain, we know the term TLD (Top Level Domain). TLD itself has 2 parts, namely gTLD (Generic Top Level Domain) and ccTLD (Country Code Top Level Domain).

Generic Top Level Domain (gTLD) is a domain name that ends with .com .net .org .edu .mil or .gov. This type of domain is often also called the Top Level Domain, which is the domain directly below the root (the point behind the domain name). And it doesn't show domains based on country, so anyone can register.

Country Code Top Level Domain (ccTLD) is the highest domain level based on country codes such as .id, .us, .ca, .ru, and many others.


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