Tips for Choosing the Best Web Host

Tips for Choosing the Best Web Host

Tips for Choosing the Best Web Host

Number of clients

You certainly don't want to risk your website on an inexperienced or new hosting. We can see the success of a Hosting Provider from the number of clients. Especially if the hosting provider has clients from the Leading Web with high visitors. You can be sure that the hosting has high quality so that the classy web also entrusts the website to it.

Server Speed ​​and Specifications

Before choosing web hosting, you need to look at the specifications of the server that the hosting uses, because the stability of your website is at stake in the specifications of the server used. Generally the minimum specification for a server is a Quad Core Processor and a minimum RAM of 8GB (Depends on the number of clients). If your web hosting provider doesn't use it, you can ask directly to the Customer Services.

Server Location

The location of the server also influences the stability of your website. Before buying hosting for your website, you need to know who your audience is. 


Do not let your website down in the middle of the month because the bandwidth provided by your hosting is very limited. Note the amount of bandwidth available or other solutions you can choose web hosting that provides unlimited bandwidth (UNMETERED) at a very cheap price. So you don't have to worry about thinking about bandwidth that is fast running out.

Space Hosting

It's useless if your hosting is cheap but has very little hosting space. Your activities in managing your website will be very limited. Especially if Space Hosting is less than 1 GB, not yet a year your web file file will fulfill your hosting space, so you have to upgrade or look for another hosting provider that offers greater hosting capacity.


Price is never lying. But you also have to pay attention and compare whether the price is reasonable or not. Do not get stuck on a cheap hosting provider but the credibility is not clear. Or hosting is expensive but server specifications and services are not worth the price.

Customer Service

Now this is the most important point, where else should you complain if your website suddenly comes down or errors in certain functions. Make sure your Hosting Provider is responsible by providing 24-hour customer service. Because you certainly will never know when and what time your website will be in trouble?

Add On Domain

Add On Domain is a service provided by hosting providers so you can run multiple domains in one hosting account. This option is actually optional. If you only have one web, then you don't need to prioritize Add On Domain on your hosting. But if you have a lot of websites you will save your money if your hosting provider provides an Add On Domain feature, because you don't need to buy hosting again for the new domain.


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