Simple Tips on Buying a Quality Laptop

Simple Tips on Buying a Quality Laptop

Simple Tips on Buying a Quality Laptop

1. Adjust to Your Needs

First we must pay attention to our own needs. Whether it's a gaming laptop, office laptop or graphic & design laptop. If you only use your laptop not for gaming then it's recommended to buy an office laptop.

2. Laptop Type

It is also important to pay attention to what kind of laptop we will buy. Ofcourse it's all according to the needs and budget we have. 

3. Ensure Warranty & Service

Warranty is one of the things we must pay attention to in choosing a laptop, because usually the length of time the warranty can be a reference for a product that has good quality or not.

4. Resale Price

Before buying a laptop, it is better to look for the type, brand, or laptop you want to buy. If it has a good resale price you might want to sell it in future when you're bored or want an upgrade.

5. Check It Before Leaving the Store

For this one, of course it can only be done by you who buy laptops offline. For one thing this is important. I once had experience, buying a laptop without checking it and as a result, there was a broken keyboard part on my laptop. Well that might be a consideration for you.


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