Intel SSD Data Center 3.0.19

Intel SSD Data Center

The in-box NVMe* driver included with Windows Server 2008* and Windows Server 2012* doesn't allow administrative commands to be passed to NVMe drives. Therefore, the Intel® SSD Data Center Tool requires the Intel® SSD NVMe driver in order to function properly. Access the Intel® SSD NVMe driver.


The Intel® SSD Data Center Tool is a drive management tool for SSDs in the Intel® SSD Data Center Family. It provides the following key features for both SATA- and PCIe*-based 

Data Center Intel SSDs:

Detect PCIe/NVMe- and SATA-based Intel® SSD Data Center devices attached to a host system.
Parse an Intel® SSD’s Identify Device information.
Parse an Intel® SSD’s SMART (Self-Monitoring and Reporting Technology) information.
Resize the Intel® SSD's usable storage capacity by changing its maximum LBA setting.
Update Intel® SSD firmware:
The tool carries a firmware payload for all supported drives.
When drive information is displayed, the tool will indicate if a new firmware release is available.
The tool doesn't update firmware on Engineering Sample (ES) drives.
Calculate drive life expectancy (Endurance Analyzer feature). 
Enable/Disable Latency Tracking.
Parse read and write commands Latency Tracking logs.
Read and/or modify the SM Bus Address for PCIe NVMe family drives.
Set the Power Governor Mode (vendor unique feature). Three Modes are supported:
0: 25-watts for PCIe NVMe devices; 40-watts for PCIe NVMe x8 devices; unconstrained for SATA devices
1: 20-watts for PCIe NVMe devices; 35-watts for PCIe NVMe x8 devices; typical (7-watts) for SATA devices
2: 10-watts for PCIe NVMe devices; 25-watts for PCIe NVMe x8 devices; low (5-watts) for SATA devices.
The Intel® SSD Data Center Tool features a Command Line Interface (CLI) for both Windows* and Linux*.

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