How to Split Your Screen in Windows 10

Windows 10

How to Split Your Screen in Windows 10

A lot of work forces us to do various things. Besides doing activities in multitasking is very draining energy and mind, as well as computer. Speaking about multitasking, maybe we are wondering how to do work on a computer quickly, one of those answer is split screen.

Here's a simple guide about how to split screen in Windows 10.

1. If you have two different apps in use simultaneously you can easily snap to different spots on the screen in such a manner that they occupy half of the space each on the screen.

2. In order to snap an individual app to the left side of the screen you can use your mouse and simply drag the first app’s title bar to the left side of your screen.

3. You can see a transparent layer that shows you exactly where the window will be positioned. Now you just need to release your mouse button in order to snap the window.

How to Split Your Screen in Windows 10

4. Now click on the app that you wish to appear to the right side. While you try to snap a particular app on Windows 10 using your mouse, you can see a new feature popping up – Snap Assist to assist you. Windows 10 will list all the windows open in the form of thumbnail list.

5. You can click on one thumbnail and it will automatically split to the unlisted side of your screen. 


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