How to Choose The Best Data Center for Your Business

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How to Choose The Best Data Center for Your Business

A good data center is at least equipped with Dynamic Rotary UPS (DRUPS), so that the electricity supply is still running when the electricity is broken until the generator takes over the function of electricity. The possibility of a gap between the power cut and the active generator can be closed with the DRUPS system. The location of the data center is also an important concern for a business going forward, so that every transaction process and business continuity is not compromised.

Renting a data center is more effective in terms of costs and the problem of data theft is also guaranteed. Data centers are important for a company because they are closely related to productivity, income, opportunities and customer trust.

The criteria for selecting the right data center for your business if your company wants to lease a data center for your company's IT system:

Always available

Every company always hopes that its business always operates at any time, anytime and anywhere. Moreover, companies engaged in an online business or e-commerce. For this reason, the availability of a data center as a center for data storage and transactions is needed to fulfill the company's business so that there is no loss. Choose a data center that already has TIER III or TIER IV certification that has more than one power line to replace the main line in the event of a problem

Location of Data Center

The thing that needs to be considered and cannot be missed is the location of the data center. A good data center in general must have criteria such as being outside the earthquake and tsunami paths, not in flood-prone areas, usually built on surfaces more than 2 meters high, far from aircraft flight paths, easy to access, and in accordance with government regulations that the place can be used as a data center location


A good data center must have a good security system, starting in terms of infrastructure, employee access, and visitor access. The building security system usually uses biometric sensors ranging from entering the elevator to the data center room and likewise the software and network device security that exists in the data center, because a data center stores a lot of data and application systems to serve millions of people so that this point must be note that every business data is maintained


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