How to Activate Windows 10 ?

How to Activate Windows 10 ?

How to Activate Windows 10 ?

Windows 10 users are currently increasing. The number of users and market share of Windows 10 is also getting bigger. No wonder if there are now very many various Windows 10 sales promos both in physical retail stores and online stores. 

Buying Windows 10 you will only get a license in the form of a Windows 10 product key. If you buy Windows 10 from a retail store, you will get a packaging box containing a Windows 10 product key license. here's simple guide how to activate your Windows 10.

How to Activate Windows 10

1. Navigate to Settings > Update & security > Activation page.

2. In the Activate Windows now section, click the Change product key link, type the product key, and then click the Next button to activate your copy of Windows 10. 

How to Activate Windows 10 ?

Please note that your PC must be connected to a working internet connection in order to activate Windows 10.


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