Container in Virtual Data Center, What is It ?


Container in Virtual Data Center, What is It ?

Linux Container is a level-operating system virtualization method for running multiple isolated Linux systems (containers) on host controls using a single Linux kernel. Unlike the Virtual Machine (VM), which uses the entire hardware resource that is on the host. So if it is likened, the Virtual Machine hosts directly run the operating system at once.

With containers, a program is 'tied up' along with its library, configuration file, and all the things it needs. A very noticeable difference compared to virtualization is that the container has a much smaller file size because it does not need to prepare the operating system in full.

The following is an example of the types of Container Technology:

Container in Virtual Data Center, What is It ?

In the picture above, we see that there are 2 types of containers, namely Container-based Operating Systems and Application-based Container.

Container based Operating System

In Container-based Operating Systems, Container has features that are similar to virtualization but with significant performance improvements because there is no overhead from system virtualization and utilizing the kernel and hardware from the parent. This technology is widely used as an infrastructure for shared hosting and virtual private servers because of its high performance and isolation between containers.

Container-based Application

This type of container, offers technology with features that make it easier for users, especially developer operations to create and maximize an application they manage. This container-based application in addition to utilizing the parent's hardware, the parent kernel, can also utilize other services from other container-containers running on interconnected systems.
With this type of container, we can deploy many services that depend on supporting services efficiently because there is no need to create their own operating system and there is no duplication of service.

However, although in terms of use and performance is lighter by using Container Technology compared to the Virtual Machine. However, each of these technologies must have its own advantages which certainly not owned by one of these technologies.


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