5 Best Food Recipe application for Android & iOS in 2019

5 Best Food Recipe application for Android & iOS in 2019

With this free Food Recipe apps, you can take an advantage of smartphone devices as useful digital cookbooks.  With the right choice of applications so you can help anyone who wants to cook from housewives to professional chefs ! Not only that, these free apps also will help you in finding and managing recipes, marking shopping lists, organizing menus and food calendar !

1. Yummly

Rather than browsing in a recipe application with lots of recipes to find an interesting one, Yummly will take the diet / taste preference info that you have set and then display the recipe that suits your preferences.

First use, the application will display a list of recipes that can be yumm (like / ♥). After selecting 5 recipes, Yummly uses the data to present a different list of recipes each time you open the app. You can save your favorite recipes, make a shopping list instantly, and even order this shopping list online for delivery via Instacart.

2. Kitchen Stories

Kitchen Stories presents interesting recipes followed by easy-to-understand instructions, videos and photography that make your mouth drool, interspersed with interesting articles about food and lifestyle.

The presentation is king in Kitchen Stories, where each recipe is displayed in a tile interface that displays attractive photos and clear step-by-step instructions. You can also save your favorite recipes, add notes to each recipe, and make a grocery shopping list in this food recipe application.

3. Epicurious

If you are looking for a new food recipe application, check out the Epicurious app which provides more than 30,000 recipes that have been sorted in different categories.

Search features and categories are very helpful to users, and a digital recipe box allows us to store favorite recipes. Extra features: seasonal recipe collections, seasonal food seekers, hands-free cooking modes and smart timers that support Apple Watch.

4. Sidechef

Sidechef is friendly to users who are learning to cook. This recipe application displays recipes in step-by-step instructions equipped with photos, videos, and even voice instructions.

There is a timer feature built in so you can stay focused. In addition, Sidechef also provides extra content in the form of search tools based on food, diet, types of food, recipes featured, etc.

5. BigOven

With more than 350,000 recipes that can be searched by keywords, types of food, food ingredients, or collections, BigOven as a popular food recipe application also includes prescription management features.

The leftovers feature will ask you to enter up to 10 ingredients in the kitchen, then the application will suggest recipes that are suitable for you, while on the other hand there is also a planning calendar menu feature and a shopping list that can help you stay organized.

The Recipe Scan feature allows us to upload hand-written / typed prescription photos and BigOven will automatically transcribe.

So, which one is your favorite apps ? tell us in comment section below !


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