7 Useful Apps That Must be Owned by Restaurant Management

7 Useful Apps That Must be Owned by Restaurant Management

Like other businesses in general, nowadays restaurants also need tools to facilitate daily operational activities. One of them is by utilizing software. There are many types of software that are very useful for the restaurant business.

Indeed there are still many traditional restaurants that use cashiers as a means of transaction. However, not a few restaurants choose to switch to POS systems. Compared to the cash register, the POS system has more functions, one of which is to provide various payment methods. Not surprisingly, this system not only facilitates restaurants, but also customers. Learn more about the benefits of the POS system for restaurants!

One of the software that must be owned by the restaurant is the E-Menu. This software allows customers to order food without the help of a waiter. Of course, this will facilitate the work of the restaurant waiter. Not only that, every food and drink ordered will immediately appear on the kitchen screen so the kitchen staff will immediately process food. Another feature possessed by the E-Menu is the table number. This will reduce the risk of errors when delivering food to the table.

Kitchen Screen
When the customer confirms the order in, the list of food ordered will appear on the kitchen screen or Kitchen Display Screen. Through the kitchen screen the kitchen staff immediately gets the information. They will make food according to the order. The kitchen screen is equipped with a variety of features that simplify the task of the chef. For example, each meal is completed by the duration of the preparation. That way, the chef can estimate how much he needs so that the food is finished on time.

CRM and Marketing Automation
Giving appreciation is one of the best ways to build good relationships with your loyal customers. Give them discounts or special promos, vouchers and so on. This will increase customer satisfaction and certainly increase your sales. You can use a CRM and Marketing Automation system to help you find out who your loyal customers are.

Inventory System
Restaurant management is not complete without an inventory system. This system is one of the most vital systems in the restaurant business. In addition to managing food stocks and restaurant assets, inventory management systems can also reduce the risk of food withdrawals. Through this system, you can also estimate the menu that is most preferred by customers and choose or separate old and new stocks so as to avoid bacterial contamination of expired products.

Accounting System
Almost all types of businesses need accounting systems, including restaurant businesses. The accounting system can not only help users to know the amount of profit or loss, but also can manage the overall finances such as invoices, employee salaries, and taxes.


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