5 Tips to Choose the Best Dedicated Server

Best Dedicated Server

5 Tips to Choose the Best Dedicated Server

In time you need to switch to a dedicated server according to the size of the resource that your website needs. A website with a high level of traffic per day can no longer be accommodated by a standard hosting service because it requires high enough resources, either in the form of RAM, bandwidth, or diskspace.

As is known, web hosting services have many types according to the size of the resource that is prepared. Some of them are shared hosting, cloud servers, conventional VPS, cloud VPS, and dedicated servers. The best type of hosting for your website in this case certainly refers to the condition of your website.

If the scale of your website is relatively large with a high level of visits, then you can no longer rely on standard hosting services. You must be prepared to spend more money to get a dedicated server service or choose an option to stay with standard hosting with the consequence that your website cannot be accessed due to resource limits.

There are at least five important parameters that you need to consider when choosing a dedicated server hosting. Here are the five parameters:

1. Server Specifications

Before looking further at the specifications of supporting dedicated hosting, it is important for you to ensure that the server specifications that will be used are different from ordinary shared hosting services. It should be able to optimize the performance of your website. Several dedicated hosting service providers have applied Cloud VPS Parallel technology for servers that are used. This technology allows you to customize server modules with cPanel support.

2. Memory Capacity

When you want to choose a dedicated hosting service for your website, make sure the memory that supports your website is able to provide the best performance. speed of access is one of the most important aspects which is certainly not negotiable. You need to analyze your preferred hosting provider first, making sure they provide enough RAM and according to your website needs.

3. Security Factors

In choosing dedicated hosting, we will certainly ask ourselves, can the provider guarantee the security of our website data? You certainly want a dedicated hosting service with a high level of security, especially if your website is an e-commerce website which of course has a lot of important data. To avoid losses, choose a dedicated hosting provider that provides guarantees in the form of licensed hardware and software for security.

4. Technical Support

Dedicated hosting users are those who have premium websites. In this case they deserve to get priority services. Determine your choice of dedicated hosting providers who are ready to provide the best technical support for you. They should offer a variety of communication tools to help you overcome any issues or problems with dedicated hosting management that you are facing.

5. Best Price

Regardless of quality, price is one of the important factors that is always an aspect of consideration. Expensive prices are not an indicator of service quality, and cheap prices are not always cheap. Choose a hosting company that offers the best prices with quality services that have been tested.


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