Win10XPE 2019.01.08


Win10XPE a rather simple and at the same time fairly complete project  with a simplified user interface and fewer options to make it easier to use. It uses wimlib features to facilitate writing and speed up the building task.

Win10XPE supports Windows 10 original x64 or x86 ISO sources:

-Windows 10 Fall Creators Update 1709
-Windows 10 Spring Creators Update 1803
-Windows 10 October 2018 Update 1809

The build is based on the Winre.wim recovery environment which has the following default features:

WinPE-WMI, WinPE-SecureStartup, WinPE-TPM, WinPE-StorageWMI, WinPE-SRT, WinPE-Script,ing, WinPE-WDS-Tools, 
WinPE-EnhancedStorage, Microsoft-Windows-WinPE-Narrator-Package, Microsoft-Windows-WinPE-ATBroker-Package,
Microsoft-Windows-WinPE-SRH-Package, Microsoft-Windows-WinPE-AudioCore(AudioDrivers)-Package,
Microsoft-Windows-WinPE-Speech-TTS-Package, WinPE-HTA, WinPE-Rejuv, WinPE-WiFi, WinPE-FMAPI-Package

The winre.wim(boot.wim) is lightened by reducing WinSXS and removing some language folders without losing the functionalities. The winre.wim image is applied in the Target folder for the purposes of driver integration and to easily rebuild boot.wim image and ISO after some customizations.

It grants owners and rights to the registry and puts them in cache then for saving time for the following constructions. It is a little long but much easier then. Then, some windows 10 features are added, such as :

Explorer, MMC, theme and dwm, Search, msi
Drivers integtration
boot.wim Windows Installer files (setup.exe)
Embedded VC++ (8.0 - 9.0) Runtime
WoW64 basic
Network additions and Network drivers
Windows apps: Osk, Paint, PhotoViewer, SnippingTool, Wordpad



Changelog :


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