Kaspersky Small Office Security

Kaspersky Small Office Security

Kaspersky Small Office Security

Kaspersky Small Office Security is the only IT security solution that’s specifically designed for smaller businesses. It combines Kaspersky’s award-winning anti-malware plus special technologies that protect more of the things that matter to you.

Kaspersky Small Office Security is the exclusive anti-malware for your PC’s, Macs and file servers, with cloud-based control console. It is an all-inclusive and safe software. It will ensure protection of the contents of a PC and network from intrusions from outside at real-time. Also it will provide security for your sensitive files and your tasks can be managed without any irrelevant risk.

Kaspersky Small Office Security defends laptops, desktops and servers against malware. It makes security as well as remote management simple. Kaspersky Small Office Security provides extra security for online bank operations and payments. It protects Android devices via anti-theft.

Kaspersky Small Office Security will not allow any confident information to be leaked from your company or your customers, as well as it will make your business secure against phishing and any other network risks.

By combining real-time, cloud-assisted technologies plus powerful anti-malware technologies that run on your devices, Kaspersky Small Office Security defends your business against the very latest malware threats.

Award-winning anti-malware protects your:
Windows-based desktop and laptop PCs
Mac computers
Windows-based file servers
Android smartphones and tablets
Kaspersky Small Office Security is designed to be extremely easy to use. So managing your IT security isn’t a chore and you can spend more time on your core business activities:

Enables centralized and remote management of your IT security
Lets you control use of the Web, social networking and more
Helps keep PCs ‘clean’ – with File Shredder and PC Cleaner
Remote access to systems and information is a vital part of everyday business. However, mobile malware attacks – and the loss or theft of phones that contain business data – can cause serious issues. That’s why

Kaspersky best-of-breed protection for Android phones and tablets:
Defends against malware and cybercriminals
Blocks unwanted calls and texts
Protects confidential information on lost or stolen phones
‘Data leakage’ can cause financial losses and reputational damage. Especially if confidential customer information falls into the wrong hands. To protect valuable and sensitive information, Kaspersky Small Office Security:

Encrypts data on PCs and file servers – to protect your data
Backs up data – plus online backup – for data recovery
Manages, securely stores and synchronizes all your passwords
Internet access is a vital part of everyday business. But Internet-based attacks can be a significant threat to business security. Kaspersky Lab’s latest Internet security safeguards your company information, computers and Mobiless:

Protects against fraudulent websites trying to steal from you
Warns you about suspicious files and dangerous website links
Saves you time – by filtering out annoying spam messages

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Homepage : http://www.kaspersky.com/small-office-security


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