How to Install PES 2019 Option Files in PS4

How to Install PES 2019 Option Files in PS4

This simple guide will tell you how to install Option Files in PES 2019 PS4. You can find any best option files for PES 2019 PS4 here and the best part of it, it's all free ! With this option files, all fake leagues / teams in PES 2019 PS4 will be fully licensed for example you will get English Premier League, Spanish LaLiga Santander even Bundesliga Germany to your PES 2019 PS4.

Remember, this guide only works with PES 2019 PS4. It doesn't work with PES 2019 Xbox One since Microsoft doesn't allow to import any files to their system.

Installing Option Files in Pes 2019 on PS4

1. Format your USB drive to FAT32

2.  Once your USB stick is formatted to FAT32, open your USB drive and create a new folder called WEPES. Remember, This folder will now be used to store all of your Option Files.

3. Now you can download free PES 2019 PS4 Option Files here.

4. Most option files comes with ZIP or RAR files, unpack it with WinRAR and copy all of the content to the WEPES folder. But, If the files are already unzipped, simply make sure all files are moved to the WEPES folder.

5.  Now go to next Step, Plug the USB drive into your PS4 and start-up PES 2019. Once started, navigate through the menu to Extras > Edit > Data Management > Import / Export > Import Team.

6. Ignore the warning regarding the imports cap and proceed to select all of the files in the list and then continue to Advanced Settings.

7. You will now be prompted with three options stating select team to import data to, apply player and squad data, and Overwriting image files of the same name. Simply leave all boxes unticked.

8. Your Option Files will now begin to automatically import, with this process will take several minutes depending on the number of imports you selected.

9. When everything is imported, save your game on the Data Management page and enjoy your newly licensed teams !

Installing League Emblems in PES 2019 on PS4

1. Go back to the Data Management page and select Import/Export > Import Images > Competition Emblems.

2. Tick all of the league badges you wish to import into the game and then continue.

3. Navigate to Edit > Competitions. Select the league you wish to edit, followed by Emblem > Load.

4. Select the image you wish to replace, save your changes in the Edit Menu and now you have completely licensed leagues within PES 2019.


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