Network Monitoring Tools Package 6.20

Network Monitoring Tools Package

Network Monitoring Tools Package

The developers at NirSoft put together a big bundle package for all the network administrators out there. In this program you can find any networking tool you need, from programs able to tell you which ports are currently open to utilities capable of recording all the DNS queries made on your system or calculators for the network latency.

Here’s a quick look at what’s under the hood of this monster package:

With CurrPorts, you can see which TCP/IP or UDP ports are currently open, which programs opened them, full path to the executable, kill the processes you don’t know or don’t want opened, export the list into CSV, HTML, XML
SmartSniff will help you capture and get more information about the TCP/IP packets sent by your network adapter
View statistics regarding your networking activity (TCP, UDP, ICMP, where the packets go, the size, speed details, total packets count, etc)
View all the traffic generated by your web browser and retrieve GET, POST, HEADER data, user agent, cookies, response codes, content length, etc
Get a detailed report about all active TCP connections
Test your internet connection using multiple servers around the world
View all the computers connected to your wireless connection
Ping multiple servers in one go
Resolve DNS faster or manually
Get WHOIS information quickly for the domains you want
View the latency of your network

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