Secure Your Website Immediately from DDOS Attack with DDOS Protection

DDOS Protection

Secure Your Website Immediately from DDOS Attack with DDOS Protection

DDoS Attack /  (Distributed-Denial-of-Service attack) is an attempt to attack by sending thousands and even millions of requests at the same time to a server to make the resources on the server not working efficiently or even paralyzed (down). Not only attacks a website, usually DDoS can also be sent by someone to various types of networks such as routers, mail servers, web servers, and various other server applications.

DDoS Attack itself is very popular and is most often used to attack and make a web server down instantly or even paralyzed and inaccessible. There are many types of DDoS attacks that are often used by attackers, including:

TCP SYN Floods
TCP FIN Floods
TCP RST Floods
TCP Fragment attacks
TCP Syn Spoofed
HTTP Post Floods
HTTP XMLRPC PingBack attacks
HTTP Cache Control
HTTP SSL Saturation
ICMP Floods
Brute Force
TCP Ack FloodsPing of Death
NX DNS Domain Floods
Amplified DNS DDoS
Smurf and other attack

Anticipating DDoS Attacks with DDoS Protection

Sometimes, someone doesn't care about the security of their website and tends to feel that their website is safe from DDoS attacks without the DDoS Protection feature. In fact, a DDoS attack does not only refer to the resources that are owned by the server, but also the vulnerabilities or gaps that exist on a website.

Early DDoS Identification and Suspicious Activity Block

It has a real-time protection system that makes your website identify at any time against attacks that come and do blocks directly if identified as an attack. 

Free SSL Support

If you use DDoS Protection, you can also do Custom SSL directly for free. SSL is very important for a website to protect visitor information and other application data, so encryption of all communications through SSL makes data only readable by the desired party


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