What is a Virtual Private Server (VPS) ?

What is a Virtual Private Server (VPS) ?

VPS or Virtual Private Server or Virtual Dedicated Server is a server that is divided into several virtual servers that can be installed by the OS and various applications themselves. VPS or VDS itself is a technology that allows a computer (server) with a very large hardware resource capacity can be divided into several independent virtual computers.

VPS can run like a Dedicated Server and can also install a separate operating system (OS) and can manage its virtual computer without disturbing other virtual computers. VPS or VDS also has many uses, including:

Hosting or Webserver

VPS is often used as a web server for hosting or for various types of web servers, such as the Commercial Web, Government Institutions, and Organizations. Because, hosting or web server generally uses a large resource and by using VPS / VDS is able to meet these resources.

File Server

Make VPS a data center for your business. Always available whenever you want to place and take it. Cloudmatika Cloud VPS provides unlimited bandwidth for all types of VPS which makes sending files and receiving files more convenient.
Game Server

With low latency makes the internet speed faster. VPS provides with low latency and is very suitable as a Game Server. So that the users of the game you make become more comfortable.


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