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uBlock Origin ( uBlock0 )

uBlock Origin - an excellent blocker intrusive and annoying advertisements to FireFox browser, Opera, Google Chrome, and on its basis. Unlike other add-ons to the browser with the ability to stop the run ad units, this extension practically eats system resources.

At the same time the opportunities and effectiveness uBlock Origin is not inferior to a well-known blockers:
• Supports loading of filters in the list of third-party developers.
• There is a function block certain elements on the page for selection.
• You can create a whitelist to unlock
• etc.

Remarkably, according to developers, they do not take money from the advertisers for the inclusion of their ad units on a permanent or temporary basis in block list of exceptions that sometimes occurs in other programs. Test studies have shown that uBlock Origin really bad at work: all the major advertising banners have been blocked, and the performance as the Chrome browser and the computer in general, remained at a high level.

Like many extensions for web-browsers after installing uBlock Origin located in the upper right corner of the taskbar. To check how many requests have been blocked, just click on the icon additions. Right-clicking will allow to go to the settings menu, where you will get acquainted with the list of its own and third-party filters, so the user can create a whitelist of sites and configure other options.

Installation instructions:
• For Chrome (and others like him): go to the "Settings" -> "extensions" checkbox and set the "Developer mode" and then click "Load unpacked extension" to specify the path to the folder (uBlock0.chromium).
• For FireFox: uBlock0.firefox.xpi simply drag the browser window (about: addons).

uBlock Origin is a open source browser extension for content-filtering, including ad-blocking. The extension is available for several browsers, including Chrome, Firefox, and Opera. uBlock Origin has received praise from technology websites, and is reported to be much less memory-intensive than other extensions with similar functionality. uBlock Origin's stated purpose is to give users the means to enforce their own (content-filtering) choices.

Download : Google Chrome | FireFox | Opera | Edge

Homepage : https://github.com/gorhill/uBlock

Changelog : https://github.com/gorhill/uBlock/releases


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