HostsMan 4.8.106



Managing the HOSTS file might sound a pro’s job, but HostsMan makes things so easy that even your dog could do it.Just like its name suggests, HostsMan is a downloadable application specifically designed to let you play a little bit with the HOSTS file and get the most of this whole thing. Of course, you can easily restrict access to certain websites, block images, popup, spyware and much more.


online update of hosts file;
enable/disable usage of hosts file;
open Hosts file with one click;
merge two hosts files;
built-in hosts editor;
prevent other programs of writing to the hosts;
scan hosts for errors, duplicates and possible hijacks;
find how many host names;
easily install newly downloaded hosts file;
create encrypted backups of your hosts file;
resolve host names;
keep log of latest blocked sites;


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