Windows Media Center Windows 10 8.81 by Ricktendo64

Windows Media Center for Windows 10

Windows Media Center for Windows 10

Window Media Center for Windows 10 is a collection of files and scripts to get Windows Media Center (WMC) back on Windows 10.

Windows Media Center isn't included in Windows 10 and was removed when you upgraded to Windows 10 leaving you with the mediocre Windows DVD Player. Window Media Center for Windows 10 fixes that by restoring Windows Media Center.

Window Media Center for Windows 10 has been updated numerous times. It was originally a lot trickier to install, but over time it has gotten better and better. We were able to install it in a matter of minutes.

There is no documentation or instructions for this, but we've got you covered.

1: Right-click and run _TestRights.cmd, then close that window.
2: Right-click on InstallerBLUE.cmd or InstallerGREEN.cmd if you prefer blue or green.

It will go through a series of steps to get Windows Media Center running again. 

It will copy included files, set attributes, delete unwanted WMC languages, install assemblies, create three services, update registry settings, create scheduled tasks, access permissions, unblock files, enable MPEG2 codecs, and finally, install the app. You can now press enter, or close the window.

Look on your desktop for the familiar Windows Media Center icon to launch. You can also copy it and place it anywhere you like or pin it to the Start Menu.

It's nice to see Window Media Center back. It even made us smile when we saw it running for the first time, however, since Microsoft has abandoned Windows Media Center, we're not sure how secure it is.

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Credits : Thanks to Ricktendo64, abbodi1406 & djong12 from MDL


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